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Coming April 2015:

We have added the Espresso Ristretto Cup to our line of IPA porcelain. This cup is the 2.5 oz. Aoste model. Look for it in April when our next delivery from Italy arrives. Available in all 4 IPA colors.

10 year anniversary

Our 10th year in business! Look for the free shipping icon throughout our site.

It's been so rewarding building this business. We hit a rough patch after the great spastic recession and lost our key vendor (ACF) shortly after. Now I am so proud of the IPA espresso cups that we offer. The coffee industry is always changing, always lusting for the next trendy gizmo (or more often a newfangled take on an old design). I tend to stick with the classics - I just love authentically good stuff. I'm going to keep bringing it to the people as long as it's fun!

our shop in santa cruz

Showroom is open Tuesday - Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm

Our showroom attracts coffee enthusiasts from near and far. Local customers come regularly for their freshly roasted coffee beans. Local cafe and restaurant owners are often in for cups, supplies, parts, accessories or advice. We have our quality espresso cups in all sizes and shapes on display. There is always an array of equipment available to view and we provide demonstrations upon request.

Featuring several amazing whole bean blends for sale by the pound:

blue bottle coffee roasters
Roman Espresso $12.00 1/2 lb.
Described by Blue Bottle as being demanding of careful barista skills, however we find it pretty forgiving. Sweet, caramelly, fruity medium-bodied espresso that takes modest amounts of milk in the most delightful way (Ethiopia, Sumatra, Brazil). * Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown

Bella Donovan  $12.00 1/2 lb.
An Ethiopian and Indonesian coffee blend intended for drip, press, siphon... . * Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown

Decaf Noir  $12.00 1/2 lb.
Mexican and Sumatran origin. You may be surprised by the balanced sweet and chocolate tones in this decaf. * Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown

josuma coffee roaster
Malabar Gold $15.50 lb.
-> buy $21.00 Shipped

Italian style Espresso Blend from beans grown in India and Roasted in Menlo Park, California. Always Fresh!!!  Bold, Rich and Velvety with Excellent Crema production. Balanced profile of fruit and cacao. As is customary in Italian blends this contains some very high quality Robusta.
Direct Trade

Monsoon Melody $15.50 lb.

buy $21.00 Shipped

Light roasted low acid Monsooned Arabica blend.  Full Bodied and exceptionally smooth earthy flavor.  Monsoon process exposes green coffee beans to moist monsoon winds.  
Direct Trade

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