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IPA 4 sizes

IPA 4 sizes

IPA 4 sizes

IPA 4 sizes

Nuova Point 3 sizes

I.P.A. Espresso / Macchiato Cup & Saucer

The essential espresso cup in glossy jet black glaze. Hard feldsphathic porcelain heated to 1400˙c for greatest durablility and resistance to scratching. Designed & produced by one of Italy's finest cup manufacturers. Produced for commercial use but elegant enough for even the most discerning homes. Dishwasher safe.

W. 1 3/4"
H. 1 3/4"
V. 2.7 oz

$7.74 each

$15.48 Set of 2

$30.96 Set of 4

$46.44 Set of 6

$61.92 Set of 8


Demi Spoons

demi spoons

Basic - Undecorated Stainless light weight steel.

Premium - Elegant scroll design & heavy Stainless material.

Shot Glasses -- Shot Pitcher  


update pitcher $3.00
standard glass $3.75
Joe Frex $5.99

Standard Shot Glass with white markings in ounces & mililiters. Tempered (Italy)

Joe Frex squarish glass with oz/ml & shot descriptions - ristretto, espresso, double ristretto & double espresso

Update 3oz shot pitcher in stainless steel