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Our IPA cups are crafted in Italy, the birthplace of espresso. They are designed for the true espresso connoisseur who isn't interested in the trend of the moment. These espresso, cappuccino and latte cups contain within them the history of the espresso drink itself. Our authentic espresso wares are surprisingly competitive in price and represent a truly great value.

IPA is a historic ceramics factory in Italy that has produced the Illi cups as well as the majority of custom printed cups for roasters in Italy and much of Europe. After ACF went out of business, IPA began producing certain models of cups in colored glaze. Great Infusions is currently the premier source for authentic Italian made colored espresso cups. As these cups are produced for commercial use they have both the best designs and unparalleled durability.


Nuova Point Espresso, Cappuccino & Latte Cups
Nuova Point is an Italian maker with production in China

espresso cups espresso cups

Glass Espresso Cups by Bodum & Bormioli Rocco

bormioli coffee cups

glass espresso cups
plus cappuccino & latte sizes

bodum espresso cups

double wall glass espresso cups
plus cappuccino & latte sizes 

Glass cups allow you to view your espresso drinks in cross section. You can monitor crema thickness in espresso or watch the cascading action of steamed milk in cappuccino drinks.  Bodum hand blown double walled cups are insulated and distinctive.  Bormioli is European made of thick and durable tempered glass.


High quality mugs for your brewed coffee.

mugs and travel mugs