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HOW TO - Use a Pour Over Vietnamese Style Coffee Brewer

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How to use a VN coffee filter

This brew method is known as "Vietnamese coffee.
It makes a clean strong small cup of coffee. Use medium drip grind.

The preparation is a short routine as detailed below:

1) Spoon a few teaspoons of good finely ground coffee into the filter.

Make sure you can see the threaded post emerging above the coffee grounds.

Screw the filter disk into place without compacting the coffee grounds.

2) Pour hot water to fill the filter - just to the top.


3) Place lid and allow all water to drip through. This can take 5 minutes or longer
depending on how fine your grind is and how tightly you have screwed the top filter on.

If the coffee does not drip through you have over tightened or ground too fine - you need to start over.

 On hot days enjoy Vietnamese style 'Phin Ca Phe' - with condensed milk and plenty of sugar.


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